Massage Therapy Menu

Therapeutic Massage*:

More than one style of massage, based on the therapists assessment allowing for an exclusively designed session for you. Promotes relaxation, relief, and stimulates circulation.

Deep Tissue/Trigger Point/Medical/Sports Massage
Pre-Natal Massage/Side Lying Massage:

30 min: $45.
45 min: $60.
60 min: $75.
90 min: $110

Therapeutic Packages*:

Four (30 min. sessions) $160
Four (45 min. sessions) $220
Four (60 min. sessions) $280

Massage add-ons:

Aromatherapy : $5:00
Note: Aromatherapy is included with Deep Massage and is $5.00 for Therapeutic and Pregnancy Massage.
Individuals 18 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult.
*Prices do not include gratuities.